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Quick Connect -By BDevine®

Greetings Everybody!

This Is a special request for some ways for which busy people can still feel connected to their Angels/Guides etc. When really busy or not able to meditate on this.
Obviously it is good too meditate even if this is 5 minutes a day of closing your eyes, because it raises your levels of awareness, and puts you in a calm clear state in order to feel and hear divine guidance,wisdom & inspiration.

But you don't have to meditate too have a connection at any time of the day, so here are some examples of times to call on the energies too help you-when you are in a hurry!

The hardest part will be remembering to do it!


  • When You are having a shower-this is a great time too call on the Angels of prosperity.
    Hop in the shower and as you wash yourself ask that the water flowing over you is flushing away the old parts of you and bringing in a new wave of abundance. Say something to yourself like this daily:

    "Thank you Angels of abundance for changing my financial situation and allowing money too flow to me and be attracted too me.Thankyou!!"

    When on the way to work, no matter how you get there be it walking, riding, driving or public transport, just imagine a huge see-through Angel, hanging on tight to your mode of transport-for instance when I drive, I imagine an Angel with one hand on my drivers side window and the other hand on the passenger's side with their legs stretched behind and wings outstretched-like a han glider!!
    (It sounds funny and I giggle thinking of it but that reinforces my safety!)

  • So As you imagine this, ask for safe passage & to be at the right place at the right time!

    Before Meals-just quietly ask that your food will be a blessing to your body, and for the Angels to give you a blessing in the food. This is instant.

    While watching TV and a commercial comes on, ask for something to be said that will be a message for you-you will know that the message is for you when you suddenly, smile, get goose bumps, jump or even become emotional-all very easy to do and instant!

    To heal yourself quickly-just take your open hands and place them on the soles of your feet-we pick up a lot of psychic debris this way, so your hands can dissolve this with the Angels help.

    Grab your feet and imagine Archangel Raphael is behind you and he is pouring emerald green light through your hands too your feet.

    You Are instantly cleared! You may move up to the rest of your body if you are comfortable-but don't forget to wash your hands straight away and to thank Raphael for this healing.

    Ask your Guardian Angel to touch your left hand-You will feel tickles and flitters of energy there-instant connection for the day!

    If you need a Miracle too happen- Call on HAMIED-the Angel Of Miracles. Just tell him the situation and you need a miracle solution.
    Once you have asked him he will do his best to help.
    Don't forget to thank him and imagine it happening now!

    Play music whenever you can and ask for a message in the 3rd song you play-can be heavy metal to classical whatever you want it will not upset the Angels/Gods Goddesses etc.!

    Ask for protection of the Angels at each entrance too your home-just imagining this is enough to have it done-instantly!

    Before bed at night ask for a dream visit or healing sleep.
    Best too call on Archangel Michael as he like to work with you through your dreams.
    Start writing things down when you wake up & you will see messages this way!

    Before An Exam, ask for the expert Angel in that particular area too guide you with the answers- Boy Does this ever work!!

    Too loose weight/gain weight, ask for a Personal Trainer Angel to guide you to what will work for you!
    Again instant help will come just be open too it!

    For pets- Ask for protection from the fairy's or Archangel Haniel. If you have a sick/injured animal, ask for guidance to the correct expert.

    To connect with Angels all day just choose a crystal of any particular colour and ask any Angel who wants too spend the day with you too please stand behind you today.

    So you see, there are many ways and situations that you can easily have a connection with Angels or any divinity you choose-all they ask for is 'thanks' & to be open to your inner nudges, thoughts or feelings you receive.

    There are no limits too what you can ask for and you don't need to remember who too ask for-just make up your own names, and the Angels will respond!

    I wish you all the best with this,and I hope that you all will start to just ask and instantly connect today!

    Many Blessings Always!




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