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My Readings For You-By BDevine®


So how does it all come together? As most of you know I’ve been
reading for people for quite a long time but still, no two readings are ever the same for anybody.

To validate my information for you, I call Upon Archangels and Angels, oracle cards, crystals, incense and of course I use candles whilst I do my readings.
Also in mediumship readings, I will ask validation of who the Spirit is that I'm talking too,so that you will know I've made that connection.
( Please read my "Spirits & Mediums" Pages about this!)

Archangels are always with me in any kind of setting. ( & they are with you too!!)
As I can’t see you nor have any clue what you are expecting from a reading (Or Me) it may take me longer at times, to make sure I have received & given the right message for you- most readings are very detailed however.

For a few years in my life I used Psychics/Mediums myself so I could just
know what to do,& how too do it! I knew what I wanted to do, but I wanted them to be able to confirm that for me-(yes to test them.) Sadly I wasted a whole lot of money & time & never got the answers I was really seeking-I wanted too change this for everyone.

Most where never really very honest with me-and basically smoothed everything over and I just wanted to say “Well I know that!”"Now tell me something I don't know!" They read cards as if they had memorized the book! I hope that I change this feeling for you so you are left feeling better than you started, with a sense of peace & hopefully a big smile!

There are some questions that are quite difficult to answer if they involve another person. By conducting a reading for you, I can only give advice about you,or affecting you - as you can appreciate I don’t like to talk about or give advice about others without their permission.
(There are of course exceptions too this,& I will try my best too answer every question. )
This is especially true when speaking of relationship issues. Although I do my best to answer the question I still don’t like to “invade somebody’s privacy” So to speak.

Readings need time to digest- I still can remember having a reading without having a clue what the reader was talking about, only to discover years later they where right! This can happen!The message is to listen to the advice & do what you want with it -everything is ALWAYS Your choice!! Your future is your making.

Also try not to think "How will this happen?" The Angels know what's best & although they may not answer your prayers immediately or how you would like-they do indeed answer them usually better than you had imagined! For the good of all involved!

No psychic or reader should claim to be 100% correct – that is never the case. About 80% Correct, is really good.Also nobody should tell you that you need too pay ridiculous amounts of money too them for "protection" or that you need too consult on a daily basis.That's RUBBISH!
Ideally, you should only have a reading every 2-3 months as so much can happen or may need too happen in that time.

If, for any reason, I feel I can’t answer your particular question, or a part of it, I will tell you about that in my Email reply.
Also you MUST never give a false name or lie about anything-if you do this (for one I will know) & also your reading will not always be an honest one-in other words it will not nearly be as clear as it could be because of the cloud of deceit around it.
Remember, I'm a Psychic, yes, but not a mind reader!

You will get out of a reading what you put in-I do my absolute best too give you an honest accurate reading right from the heart, so just consider the wording of your questions so I know exactly what you want me to answer for you :)

My goal is that everyone will learn how too ask the Angels too help them so that they can heal themselves & others - bringing some peace too themselves & the world. I don't claim too be anything more than a person just like you, but I do feel that I am really trying my best too help everybody to open their minds and possibilities .I do not wish fame or exaggerated fortune-only too help others too help themselves, live your dreams, and tap into your own abilities!

Enjoy the journey of life!

With Blessings To All


© 2012 onward