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My Journey & How It Started -By BDevine®

Greetings to everyone!

The journey for me began first when I was about 15 . Living in New York City,with my dad.
One of my neighbors gave me a complete Mythic Tarot set one day out of the blue .I had never seen one ever before.
I remember keeping it hidden away for almost 5 years because I was terrified of it. I was raised as a Baptist,and this was very new to me.
(I found out later in life, it is common for children who have grown up around religion to think of these things as evil.)

Of course I eventually did end up studying the Tarot and Cartomancy & was absolutely amazed at being able to maybe tell my own fortune! Or find out who my soul mate would be!
( I discovered, however, as I got better at it, I started to question myself.)

I would reshuffle the cards and deal them out until I was happy with my own answer! So I gave up trying to find my own answers and realized my talents for helping others. After some pretty amazing predictions.

I've since preformed countless Tarot readings-and even taught people how to  read for years,
but I wanted to learn even More!
I quickly learnt about other forms of Divination
and mastered those-and started to mix the readings up a bit. I also learnt how to give readings without the cards at all! Which is how I prefer to read for you.( Although for timing of events,the cards come in handy!)

This is what people think of as a Psychic.The truth is it takes a lot of time to master the art of trusting yourself to give accurate
(80% is perfect) readings for others. All a Psychic really should be is an advisor. But you must believe wholeheartedly what
you are telling people.This is important!

I've also studied all about Angels and how to ask them for guidance in readings.Ive had numerous attunements to the Angels through study and I'm a certified professional Psychic/ Medium. I have seen & conducted Spiritual release from peoples bodies,with amazing results. Even from a distance!

Angels are a massive part of my life and everything  changed completely when I invited Angels to be a part of it.
All of my readings do have Angel advice in them.
In other readings, I Channel information direct from Archangel Michael & other Angels/Archangels.
All questions you ask me,are put to the Angels for help in the matter. This is where I get my guidance for your readings .I also ask for your Angels to be present with your reading.

After my brothers death in 2000, I wanted to discover the world of Mediumship. I was fascinated that people could speak with the dead! What did it all mean? What happens when we die?
At the same time I was scared they (spirits) might possess my body or do something weird!
(These are all unnecessary fears)
Also I thought that it would all be a scary ordeal-perhaps because this was what I expected to see.(too many movies!)

Needless to say,my brother was the first person I was able to contact & connect with & it was not at all scary but was instead very healing & reassuring that there is definitely life after death!!Also it made me see how many other times I had felt his presence,and these senses started to get very strong.

I will try to contact people for others if they need that sort of closure. However,it is a very low energy to do this,-meaning it can make me feel drained of energy afterward,but I have learnt how to re-energize myself with crystals,& Angels .This is always an important part of any mediumship reading.
Also Its not always possible to speak with the one you want to all the time. This can be for many reasons.
If they can not be contacted, then that is a not such a bad thing- If they have recently died, you may not be able to contact them for a while.But it is good to say to your loved one that you would like to talk to them on a certain day or time,and this ensures they are there listening to you at that time. They can't be in more than one place at a time like Angels can.

This is because they will be having a lot of healing and rest. Some people can’t believe they have died and don’t move on straight away-these are sometimes known as 'Earthboundspirits. If they choose to stay in heaven or come back to earth then this should be said at your reading.
(Read more...)

Another part of Mediumship is a Pet Medium or Animal Medium. I've actually seen quite a lot of animals this way. To me its quite easy to see for some reason-of course all Mediumship is often better preformed with a face to face reading.

But rest assured a lot of the animals you have ever owned are right beside you.Some will be there that you have forgotten or just ones that have never forgotten you!

When I perform email readings , I always call on Archangel Michael. Just having him by my side gives me the confidence to perform these readings especially for you. I won’t use tarot cards if I can help it –this is because I feel they can be quite negative That’s just my opinion. But still, Archangel Michael has said to me " YOU can make them positive!"

I still however do use them if people prefer-Yes, the ones I've had since I was 15! So they are quite powerful indeed!

I usually use Angel cards or crystals to focus intently on the information I have. A quartz crystal is my favorite,it gives me a higher vibration to easily connect to Angels.

I'm so thankful to be at the stage in my life where I can dedicate my time to helping others through my readings. There are so many ways I have learnt to give readings, too many to go over at this time.
But I incorporate all of my knowledge specifically for you.

I offer Free Readings to give you a sample of my work & how it all works,& if you like the way I give my readings to you.
Whenever you have a reading with me or any other Psychic out there, please remember a lot of it may not make sense to you straight away- this is because you either hadn't’t thought of it in that way or it will happen soon .I will never claim to be %100 accurate.This is because it is just impossible. Anything can happen at any time,and this can make things impossible to predict. All I can say, is I will do my very best to help you !
If you were really that disappointed, just don’t go back to them. You must always feel confident when having the best reading!

I do hope that you have enjoyed your personal reading with me,and it has changed you on an inner level somehow...if you haven't experienced a reading from me, by all means,click on the Free Reading link, or tell a friend!

I'm Always here to help you!!

Bright Blessings


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