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By BDevine®

In this Article , I have Channeled direct messages from Archangel Uriel.

He is a beautiful Bronze/Gold colour and is known as 'Transformation Angel "

He is very good at helping with depressive moods, & healing from past pain.

He is sometimes known as the Archangel Of Beginnings. He gives you a loved feeling and helps you too overcome and release phobias of all kinds.

Any kind of brown/ bronze stone is useful when working with Uriel-Citrine,Smoky Quartz or Tigers Eye.

I will be updating this page with new messages regularly for everyone.








'Dearest Ones,

It is I URIEL & I offer you faith and hope for new beginnings. It is not always the easy way that is required of you, however I'm there helping you too adjust too changes in your home, work or any circumstance which is new or maybe upsetting for you.

I help people too create new lives for themselves whilst releasing past pain, hurt, betrayal & un forgiveness from your heart & mind.

You are each moving closer and closer too your life's purpose & I'm there like a beacon, lighting the way one step at a time! I oversee the band of Angels called the 'Seraphim' & can see the veil that separates Earth & what you call Heaven becoming thinner!

Fear not of your future because in a blink of an eye, everything can change.

I'm with you through the many changes of your life.
Embrace them & learn from them!

I am URIEL! Blessed be! "

© 2012 onward


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