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By BDevine®

In this Article , I have Channeled direct messages from Archangel Sandalphon..

He is a dark orange / russet colour and he helps those who have lost children or desire too have them.

He is also known as "The Angel of Music" & indeed inspires me daily with constant songs in my head!

You may wake hearing a song and this has a special message from this Archangel just for you! You can turn on the stereo and ask for the 3rd song too be a special message for you.

Any kind of orange coloured gemstone will help you connect with beautiful "SANDALPHON" Amber, Citrine Rainbow Quartz.

I will be updating this page with new messages regularly for everyone.








"Dear Ones,

Greetings too you all!
I am SANDALPHON twin brother of the Archangel METATRON & I was once the prophet "Elijah" when I lived among men.

You who have desires to have children or have indeed lost precious babies, are always guided by me.
There are no mistakes! or coincidences and every single thing has "Divine timing"
Although many of you cry out
"Why God" "Why has this happened?" Be reassured that it is you who have written your own destiny before you where born, where in the comfort of the heavens, you wrote your own life plan.

For whatever reason, you gave yourselves certain challenges and victories along with those losses to learn and grow your Spirit.

So have each of you in the world written such a plan.
Ask us, to help smooth the path ahead and keep you safe and comforted throughout your lifetime on Earth.
May you accept & learn from life challenges, so you do not have to repeat such problems in another life.

Call on me when you need to see a Specialist or a Doctor, &
I shall guide you too the right one.
Feel the love of the Angels beside you!
Blessed be!!



© 2012  onward


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