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By BDevine®

In this Article , I have Channeled direct messages from Archangel Raziel.

He is a dark green colour and has been known to help clairvoyants and Psychics giving deep mystical knowledge.

He is also known to have written the wonderful "Book Of Raziel" which did apparently contain all earthly and heavenly knowledge.

He is a very special and caring Archangel who has much deep knowledge that he will share with you if you ask for this..

He gives you increased Psychic awareness and will give you tasks that he would like carried out for the good of all.

Any kind of Dark green red,or purple stone is perfect like green aventurine , emeralds, opal or cobalt. I will be updating this page with new messages regularly for everyone.

Enjoy! BDevine






Dear Ones,

I am RAZIEL and I hold the key to many of this worlds mysteries. For God gave me such responsibility and allowed me to write the "Book Of Raziel" which contains both heavenly and earthly knowledge.

I can only reveal such secrets to those I see fit to use it wisely. When you wish to open your third eye, mind and heart, please call on me too do this for you. You may never see me clearly however you will feel my presence as a serious strong energy. If you ask for it I will bestow upon you a secret mission of your own!

I also help with the learning and education about astronomy and the understanding of mathematics and geometrical shapes. Call on me upon dream time, as this is when I work best with you!

God be with you!


© 2009 onward


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