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By BDevine®

In this Article , I have Channeled direct messages from Archangel Michael.
This is where I allow the Angel too step into my body & relay messages through writing.

It is a wonderful thing too be able too do and although I've done this with Spirit, I prefer too Channel Angels because they have such a beautiful presence and a very high vibration. I rarely feel drained after a session with Angels whereas with Spirits, the energies are so low and very tiring.
Its not easy too do this & I suggest that you do study about this and practice with trusted friends. I will be teaching how too Channel at a later time. As I receive further messages I will update them here for everybody.

If you have anything you would like me too add or your own messages from Michael please let me know! I will gladly put this up for you!









"Dear Ones,

I am the protector, the one who remains calm through the eye of any storm.

It is I who nudges you & encourages you to be confident and at peace with yourself and how you are progressing in life.

I'm also active in leading loved ones too the light & caring for animals also, to ensure they have much needed healing, rest, & teaching when they reach the other side.

Call on me often, whenever you need me or feel afraid in any circumstance & you will feel me wrap my wings around you and cocoon you in a blue/violet light, & give you strength,confidence & courage to go on.No person is less important on this earth than anybody else.

Everybody has the right to contact me or any Angel for any matter large or small & we shall endeavor to guide you lovingly through it.

Call on me whenever you are meditating & I shall help you with your Spiritual work.
You are a light worker and as such you need too spread light & love across the planet, a simple thought of this is enough to bring many people to the light as though a million lamps of hope are lit a day and we can dispel the darkness more rapidly.

Be an Earth Angel and teach others what you have learnt and together we can create a peaceful , loving, and far less fearful existence for everyone.
Blessed Be!"

© 2012 onward


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