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By BDevine

In this article , I have channeled direct messages from Archangel Chamuel...
He wears a deep red tunic and has been known too have Dark Green armour. I see the Archangel as a female but that's just me.

He is also known as the gatekeeper of heaven but is very helpful when it comes too love relationships and marriages of all kinds.

He is a beautiful caring Archangel with the ability too help in any situation that is love based.

He gives courage and strength at times of adversity and is known to help Surgeons of all kinds, or any profession which involves healing.

Any kind of Pink or Red gemstone like Rose Quartz or Red Jasper will help you too connect with this beautiful Angel!

I will be updating this page with new messages regularly for everyone.

Enjoy! BDevine






"Dear Ones,

I am CHAMUEL and I will show you great courage and pure love for all things.

Some of you seek a divine marriage or long for a SOULMATE this may require us Angels to help you be the best partner you can be and I can assist you in speeding up your love life manifestations.

You are meant too be happy throughout your life and many of you fail too ask for my support when you need this so desperately at times.

When you would like the perfect partner brought to you or you would like peaceful resolutions to your own existing partnership,please please ask me to guide you and I will prepare you & your perfect match for your union together.

We Angels are never too busy too assist you in bringing you the joy that you seek with your perfect partner.

We assist we just ask you too expect a miracle and give thanks! You are ALL so loved!

Brightest blessings too All!!

© 2012  onward


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