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By BDevine

In this Article , I have Channeled direct messages from Archangel Azrael...
He is a deep Amethyst / Purple Colour and he helps those to cross over at their time of death.

He is also present at the beginning of life and any journey and he protects babies, the very old or the very young.
He is a giant amongst the Archangels his feet spanning the heavens!

He is a very serious Angel and will help when you need too show poise and composure.

Call on him also too help deal with grief and comfort the sick or dying. Many of you may catch a glimpse of this Angel when they are visiting loved ones at hospitals.

Any kind of Purple gemstone can help you too connect with this very serious but loving Archangel!

I will be updating this page with new messages regularly for everyone.

Enjoy! BDevine






"Dear Ones,

It is the one you call AZRAEL, & I'm sometimes known as "The Angel Of Death"

Please do not be alarmed at this name as I assist the dying in the weeks before death as well as when the time comes, and guide them lovingly to the light.

I govern life's natural cycles of life & death-beginning and end. I'm here for you always ,especially in times of great grief & sorrow, and you may see me in your dreams giving you a message or even a special gift.

I will also assist as you begin any new project and help you see this through. I show myself to you through feelings & dreams and I'm always ready too assist you too gain and remember ancient knowledge from your past.

Light a deep purple/black candle for me and ask me too help with moving into a new direction or if you need comfort and support for the dying or ill.
Never forget your beauty and shine this on the world!


© 2012  onward


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