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Labrodorite Pendulum Authentic ( Large)

Labrodorite Pendulum Authentic ( Large)
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Labrodorite Pendulum Authentic
Can also be used as a pendant!

Labradorite Crystal Meaning - The magicians stone, or the dark side of the moon. Thiscrystal is for transformation of the self. It humbles the ego and reveals the hidden areas of negativity that we all engage in; power dramas and subtle power games that we play in relationships of any kind. It brings to light areas which have been hidden, allowing for more to be understood. Freezes your actions in Meditation; that is slows anger, ego projection and allows the user to see what is present, as is. Anti- Ego Consciousness, Anti-Arrogance, Anti Illusion, Installs humility, anti-haste. Encourages stability in the self, grounding and centring, places the consciousness closer to the true self expression. Good for people nearing the end of the Saturn or plutonian return. Reveals hidden talents and abilities held within the shadow self for use now. Encourages knowledge and wisdom of the self; purely, and therefore is a means to growth of the personality. Why is it called the dark side of the moon? Because it reveals that which is present but can not be seen by the light of the conscious mind without reflection. Magical Use: Enhancing Mental Abilities, increasing psychic abilities, rational thought, prudence, patience. Judgement, discernment. Healing Use: Eyes, Stress, Brain functions. 

Labradorite Physical Properties  Also known as dark spectrolite, as it shows a range of spectral colours. Labradodite is a species of the plagioclase feldspar. Feldspars are common in the earths crust than any other minerals. Most feldspars can be divided into two groups, alkali feldspars (KalSi3O8, NaAlSi3O8 series) and plagioclase (NaAlSi3O8, CaAL2Si2O8 series), with albite is an end member in each of these series. Plagioclase feldspars has six species; abite, oligoclase, andesines, labradorite, bytownite and anorthite. With each of these species being defined by its albite and anorthite content. Labradodite has a chemical composition just above midway between albite and anorthite. It rarely forms crystals but when it does the crystals are tabular and often twinned. Other habits may be granular, compact or massive. Labradodite is blue, grey, black white or colourless, frequently the cleavage shows a rich play of colours. The streak is white and it has a vitreous lustre. Group SILICATES,Hardness 6.0-6.5, Crystal structure TRICLINIC.

Comes in an organza bag.
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