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Chrysoprase Pendants x 2

Chrysoprase Pendants x 2
Chrysoprase Pendants x 2
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Chrysoprase Pendants x 2

Just like the practice of yoga, Chrysoprase is all about alignment, which makes it an essential addition to your daily wellness routine. Center your heart chakra and feel it emanating its loving energy into the universe. An effective healing layout for maintaining and restoring internal balance starts with lying down on a yoga mat in a sacred healing space free of clutter and distractions. Cleanse the room by smudging the area with a sage stick and place a lit candle next to the stone, a lovely detail that helps set mood for a healing crystal treatment. Hold a stone in each hand and visualize positive vibrations flowing through your chakras as it works to balance the left and right sides of the body. 

Because of its connection to the life-giving waters of the planet, Chrysoprase is also excellent to use for energizing water. Bath time is already magical, the ultimate in stress relief and relaxation with candles and luxurious bubbles. But placing a Chrysoprase stone in the water ups the ante on the therapeutic effects of water. Hold the stone over your chest while you soak in the bathtub and contemplate on your intention, whether it involves forgiveness, positive inner growth, or encouraging miracles in your life. 

Similar to other heart chakra stones such as Rose Quartz and Jade, Chrysoprase helps attract the abundance of love, which makes it a gem when it comes to matters of the heart. If you're struggling with heartbreak or loneliness, this beautiful stone has the power to instantly whisk you away to the pristine shoreline of a tropical paradise surrounded by dazzling emerald waters.

Chrysoprase has been historically renowned for having some incredible powers. In the Middle Ages it was believed that by putting a piece of chrysoprase in your mouth, you would become invisible. It was also thought that the stone would lose its colour in the presence of poison. A Roman folklore claims chrysoprase enabled its owner to understand the language of lizards.

The gem was said to bring spiritual protection, prevent depression, increase grace and equilibrium and increase fertility. It was believed to encourage maximum physical outcomes to situations and helps to heal the “broken heart”. Chrysoprase was also said to be a victory stone.
Today, chrysoprase is still widely used in jewellery-making due to its excellent durability. Rating 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s scale, Chrysoprase is resilient and well suited for jewellery and carving. It is easily worked and takes a fine polish. The inherent toughness of the material makes it a very forgiving stone and allows for small carvings and thin work that transmits ambient light.
Chrysoprase can be worn every day and cleaned in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner or with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. The stone’s vibrant hue can fade in sunlight due to dehydration, robbing the stone of its colouring agent. As stones dry out, they can lose their lustre. To restore, simply soak them in water.
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