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The Elemental Kingdom-By BDevine®







Welcome to the Elemental Kingdom!
This area is totally fascinating to me & I have found myself on "Overload" trying to piece it all together for you, so that it is clear and easy to understand.
When we appreciate the Elementals around us and start to work with them,we can really make a difference to the planet and all its living inhabitants. Life is never the same once you have connected with the Elementals, and as they are all trying to nurture and protect our Earth in all its forms,they need us to do our part, as do they. They do need human contact and help to survive.
We have had a quick glimpse of the "Elemental Kingdom" on the page called "Fairy's" but I only breezed quickly over this area, & the Fairy's are only one part of this kingdom,but are the most known,so I really hope that you enjoy what I have put together here. So We Begin......


The Element of "EARTH"is ruled by the "GNOMES" their "KING" has been referred to by many names but most commonly has been given the name "GHOB" even so their is an "OVERSEEING ANGEL "of the Earth element who is Archangel "URIEL"

ABOUT GNOMES: ( Earth Elementals)

The Gnomes assist Earth in all of its development.They have the appearance of a large bellied man and can grow to be very old-the age is debatable,but generally can live anywhere between 100-900 years. They can be burned in fire,and also poisoned by pesticides that we put onto weeds,bugs etc. We rely on the work of the Gnomes, too help our plants,trees & flowers.They also assist in the making of crystal,minerals and are responsible to maintain the Earth on every level. They have also been known to lead people to the treasures of earth,that would otherwise have been lost to us. Miners etc are often lead by Gnomes, as they seek the exact place to mine for crystals,diamonds and other fine metals. Some people have witnessed being lead into strange parts of their own yard,without knowing why,and thereby finding money,jewelry or other shiny objects.You may guarantee that a Gnome has lead them there too find this treasure. It is difficult for a Gnome to manifest itself to us,and they really prefer not to be seen at all,but rather felt by instinct. Each person is assigned their own "Gnome" to live inside their body. This is sometimes known as a "Body Elemental" and as you read this,you may feel a stirring in your stomach,as your body elemental is finally recognized! As we damage our bodies by what we eat,drink etc,we are dishonoring our own Elemental.
Generally,Gnomes can also be known as Brownies,but indeed there is a Gnome family that reside in every tree-sometimes known as Tree Spirits.

YOU Are primarily governed by the GNOMES ,and will find contact easier,if you are an EARTH Star sign- That is VIRGO, TAURUS, CAPRICORN.

INSENCE: Sandalwood, Nag Champa

CRYSTAL ENERGY: Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, Amber- Any EARTH Coloured Stone.

VOWELS: If you say your name, one of the vowels will be most apparent,so If the vowel (U ) is most prominent,you will also have a connection to the GNOMES. ( if you have more than one,these are secondary)

What the GNOMES bring Out In Your Personality: You usually are reliable with a good sense of the right thing to do, very good at creative writing or drawing, are great with money and have a keen eye for fine details.You are very sure of yourself but can be stubborn-need to watch temper and being over the top with your this! Also you are known to speak before thinking so maybe just be aware of this on a daily basis. Being that Archangel Uriel oversees this element,it is sometimes an indication that long held emotions need clearing.When we are harboring grief or past pain,this tends too congregate in the Root chakra, thus it causes in women, problems with your ovaries and in men problems with your prostrate.Can also cause irritable bowel syndrome and bloating excess gas etc. Imagine a red circle in this area spinning fast and call on URIEL too release this pain. You may find your symptoms get slightly worse for a time and then ,are gone forever or become very manageable. You may also notice that some long held emotions come to the surface to be dealt with once and for all!


Find a place in your garden where your feet can touch the bare dirt-if not sit upon a rock in the sunshine.(As Permission of course from the Rock you are about to sit on!) Chant your name 3 times, and tell the Gnomes in your garden that you wish to connect. Call the name of the Gnome King 3 times-if you can't remember his name,just say G - 3 times ( they tell me this is ok!) then you will need too ask for the overseeing Archangel (Uriel) say his name 3 times. As you do this-maybe before you get too the end of the name ceremony, you may feel a sensation beneath your feet.When this happens,you are connecting. Its important to the Gnomes,that we respect all living things and they will pack their bags and leave,if you don't appreciate the beauty and wonder of your world. They do have a very blunt & to the point disposition. If you have trees in your yard,the Gnomes and TREE SPIRITS live there so please be mindful of cutting them down. Whole families are lost this way,and a family of Gnomes have been assigned to each tree on Earth,so therefore will die if you first don't warn them of this.The families of these beings have been known to mourn for their dead relatives. Gnomes are to care for their tree or plant etc during the day but are very active at night. If you would like to connect at nighttime,write them a letter and leave it under your favorite plant or tree. One way or another,the Gnomes will get your message! Also they do like to be given sweets or shiny objects,but apparently,never leave them clothes!They may, perhaps invite other families to live in your garden! This is when a lot of magic will happen!! Especially if they feel safe with you.


Amy Stewart - KNOCK ON WOOD -
Michael Jackson-HEAL THE WORLD



The Element of Water is ruled by "UNDINES" their "KING" has been known to me as "NIKSA" & Archangel GABRIEL Is their "Overseeing Angel"

ABOUT UNDINES: ( Water Elementals)

Undines are in charge of water and all waterways,including,lakes ponds,rivers,even swimming pools,& they are what we think of as "MERMAIDS" or "MERMEN" to look like. However this is only a hollywood theory,and really they work on our emotions and Psychic abilities also. They also ask that we speak highly of ourselves and never use harsh words about our looks,and they promise to help us to feel more beautiful in every way.
As we also have a "UNDINE" assigned to us,they do work on our own body fluids,and are affected by what we drink especially. Also if our blood has disease or contamination in it,the "Undines" although will try to balance this,they can also become contaminated as well which effects their appearance and their function. Obviously, it is therefore very important too maintain our body with plenty of water,which will help flush out these unwanted toxins from our bodies,and its various organs. Also anyone who finds they are over emotional, can sometimes be so attached to the feeling of the "UNDINE" that without being aware of this, they are simply reflecting the empathy and sometimes sorrow of the "Undine Elemental" In their own body.
To really connect with the "Undines"you will need to spend time near the water and ask that they help you with this. Once again,it has been known that people can see these beings with their naked eye,but generally,they will come across as a cool and calm feeling or emotion for no reason as a way of release. Often you will have dreams of the ocean and sea life or boats etc, and this is directly from the "Undines" giving you a message.For example,I recently dreamt of riding on a huge whales back,and felt not one bit frightened-even when I swam with the whale and has sharks above my head! So I believe they do show you their "Underwater World" from time to time. You can also ask them to help you with any Astral traveling that you would like to do and they can strengthen your body and your aura,so you can do this easily.

YOU are primarily governed by the "Undines" & will find contact easier with them if your star sign is -

INSENCE: Neroli, Spirit Guide, Dragons Blood

CRYSTALS: Clear Quartz crystal, Blue Agate, Angelite, Sodalite-any blue or white stone.

VOWELS: If you say your name ,one of the vowels will be most prominent.So if the vowel (O) is most prominent, you will also have a connection to the UNDINES.( If you have more than one,these are secondary)


You are very sympathetic and helpful to others.Your biggest problem can often be doing to much for others and consequently being upset when it is not returned! You are a deep thinker,and your emotions are very much always on the surface,and you can cry when you need too! You may have some bad habits that you find are hard to break,but funnily enough,you are excellent at helping others too break theirs! Many of you have come from a family home where there was perhaps only one parent,and this has left you with the feeling of needing to overcompensate with your own children/grandchildren etc. You are very hard workers,and can always be trusted to do the right thing. You will excel in all water sports,and also the sea will certainly recharge your batteries!! Your throat or problems with this area are common,so take care that you are asking your Overseeing Angel Gabriel,too help you with this. Your throat chakra may become clogged,and in this case imagine a blue ball spinning in this area,and ask Gabriel too help clean and clear you.You may find that your voice will become strong and if you like to sing,you will be able too hold notes easily,after a clearing here.Will also help you to "Speak Your Truth" when you need too.


If you cant get to a large body of water at all, you can always connect in the bath or shower. This is great because generally,its the one place where you will have complete privacy! Again, this is the same process as with the other elements, but close your eyes and say your name 3 times,& then ask the Undines,that you wish to connect. Call the name of the UNDINE KING 3 times or just say King of the Undines hear me now! Then you chant the overseeing Angels name , GABRIEL 3 times. You will feel that you have connected,and some of you may be overwhelmed at the beauty of the emotion. Once you have connected,you may think before you act a lot more and also find that you have a real thirst for water,so please don't ignore this. You may not feel anything at all,but certainly,you will have connected .After connecting with the UNDINES you may find that you become more aware of psychic phenomena-perhaps you never believed that you where born Psychic? All this will change as you start to be able to know who is at the door or on the phone,and you can see if people are lying or not-almost straight away! you may also become extremely sensitive-and this is ok,as long as you don't go over the top! You may also find that you suddenly want to move closer to the sea or just visit there as soon as you can,and again,this will be highly beneficial to you!


Aretha Franklin-RESPECT
Bryan Adams: SUMMER OF 69


The element of AIR is ruled by the "SYLPHS" their "KING" Is Known As "PARALDA" and their overseeing Archangel is "RAPHAEL"

ABOUT SYPLHS: ( Air Elementals)

These beautiful beings are supposed to work side by side with the Angels. They are avid learners and have been known to act as a Guardian Angel to us until we discover our true Guardian Angel. The "SYLPHS" are always with us and are responsible for mighty winds,to gentle breezes,and can give us signs of their existence,with the rustle of leaves,or the appearance of many birds in our trees,to letting a feather float in our path! The "SYLPHS" are known to be very smart and know things about the past as well as the future. Some have wings while others do not, but they do inspire knowledge and inspiration into our lives. They have a love of children and frequent in homes where children reside. They also help in the child that may pass over to feel safe about what is happening to them. When we acknowledge the air in any way or the sweet aroma that seems to come out of no-where this is indeed the "SYLPHS" at work.
You have a body elemental as a "SYLPH" and this one works with our mental capacities and our thoughts. They also help with your intuition and to remain rational about problems. Of course,any stimulus we put into our bodies,like Drugs & smoking-even alcohol,distort the appearance of this beautiful being. These elementals can show themselves to us in human form,but they,as Angels are, asexual.
They are also fierce protectors of your home,and have been known to keep mischief makers away from our homes.Who knows how many times someone may have tried to break in,only to be chased off by our very own "SYLPH" A very subtle and beautiful energy,as soon as you mention this word I have noticed that my ears begin to hum a little-perhaps they are blowing in my ears! As the SYLPHS work in the mental capacity, you may find if you can't think straight that the Ajna charka gets blocked. You should try to imagine a purple ball in between your eyebrows or third eye, spinning very fast,clearing away this debris. When you ask RAPHAEL to help clear this,you may feel slight pressure or tickling in this area ,but slowly you start to see much clearer! Also, any cloudy thoughts will dissipate, and having the third eye clean,will help you too 'see 'clearer the Angels,Sylphs and Guides etc that surround us.

YOU are primarily governed by the "SYLPHS" and will find contact easier if you are star signs: AQUARIUS,GEMINI, LIBRA .

INSENCE: Frankincense, Myrrh, Lemon

CRYSTAL ENERGY : Clear Quartz Crystal, Opal, Jade, Amethyst- any type of colorful stone.

VOWELS: When you say your name,one of the vowels will be prominent. So if the vowel (E) is most prominent, you will also have a strong connection to the "SYLPHS"(if you have more than one,these are secondary)


People who have this influence,are very strong individuals,usually in body,mind & spirit. You are the best type of friends a person can have because you hate being lied to,and therefore you find it almost impossible to tell a lie. You generally love all kinds of animals,and are suited to working outdoors-you may notice that you will start to feel lethargic or irritable,if you haven't been outside for a while.You are extremely inventive and have much interest in research and science. Also you make fantastic teachers and are also very intelligent with a quick witted humor. The only thing you may need to be aware of is your appearance of being cold hearted.You don't smile as much as you should,and this tends to make people think that you are arrogant! When in fact you tell your self-'oh I'm just quiet' but there is a fine line between this so you will do well to try to lighten up a bit. You are also very good at healing,and your overseeing Archangel is Raphael, which could be the reason for this. You must also take care of your nervous system and try not too sweat the small stuff! Good to call on the SYLPHS when you need to make an important decision.


Find a spot under a tree if you can, if its impossible to get outside at all, sit near a window and let some air come in. Now as before, you shall say your name 3 times,then tell the SYLPHS that you wish to connect.Then chant the name of the Sylph "KING" 3 times or improvise if you have to.Then you call on Archangel Raphael,who is the overseer for the SYLPHS,3 times. When you have connected you may notice that the temperature in the room has changed ever so slightly and if you are outside,then you may notice a breeze come across you softly. You may also feel the need to take a deep breath, and also you may hear birds singing and a feeling of peace wash over you. You should remember that when working with the Elemental Kingdom,the energies are very subtle,but doing these exercises regularly,will help you to feel that you are never alone.You may suddenly get a brilliant idea after connection,and also will have a burst of energy. Also your intuition or gut feeling will become incredibly strong,and you will need to learn to trust this,and it will continue to become even stronger!


Celine Dion- FLY
Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman- THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS


The Element of Fire,is ruled by the "SALAMANDERS" & their "KING" is most often referred to as "DJIIN" with their overseeing Archangel being "MICHAEL"

ABOUT SALAMANDERS: ( Fire Elementals )

Although these elementals have a funny name,and not related to any other type of Salamander,they have the appearance,of small fires with a beautiful face in the middle of it. This is just how they appear to be to me because this is my elemental,by my astrological star sign. Generally,these being are most active underground,for the most part,& they help to develop crystals and minerals,along with the Gnomes,but they are also known to instill intense emotions in you -for example, you may give some sort of almighty life changing speech,and wonder-"Where the heck did that one come from??" Often when I'm writing,I can feel as though my hands take on their own personality,and I write extremely fast,and it ends up really neat and tidy..much too my husbands shock! he has witnessed my fingers moving at lightening speed on the keyboard (& when I play my bass guitar!) and I believe this is because of the "SALAMANDERS" These beings are present at every fire or where there is heat or even when you light a match-this can't be done without the help of the "SALAMANDER" it is not known how long they can live,but I believe they have been with us always and will always be here.But it is possible to kill them with poisoning,pesticides etc. The "SALAMANDER" is very good with helping you in your healing work because they do generate heat throughout the body-especially through your hands. Even your Spiritual vision,clairvoyance and clairaudience,is heightened to new extremes when you start to work with them. You have a "SALAMANDER" that lives with you inside your body,and this is what regulates your metabolism-so if too fast,your body elemental, is working overtime,so you can ask for adjustments as necessary. Because these beings are overseen by Archangel Michael, I feel this is where there intense warmth comes from-so when either are near to you, you will feel a warmth wash over you immediately.
You may also feel like you need to detoxify yourself and this will constantly nag at you,and making you feel a little guilty of drinking,smoking etc - sure enough this is from your very own "SALAMANDER"
I've also come to notice,that when the SALAMNDER wants you to get busy nothing will stop you. Have you ever had days,where you just want to suddenly clean down every wall in the house?or perhaps have a massive spring clean and throw out a lot of necessary items? This is all the SALAMANDERS influence in your life.

YOU Are primarily governed by the "SALAMANDERS" and will find contact easier, if you are star signs: LEO, ARIES, SAGGITARIUS

INSENCE: Super Hit, Jasmine, Orange.

CRYSTAL ENERGY: Clear Quartz Crystals, Red Jasper, Amber, Rainbow Quartz- Any red or orange-yellow stone.

VOWELS: When you say your name,one of the vowels will be prominent.So if the vowel (I) is prominent,you will have a strong connection to the SALAMANDERS.


When you have this personality, you will find that you are extremely business oriented and are able to multi task many things at once. You are a born parent and have very strict rules which you don't like to be broken and also can get your feelings hurt if your hard work is not noticed.You are extremely loyal,faithful and naturally talented at just about everything,but you will find that you are able to inspire others to bring out the best in themselves. Being a good person is really important and you expect to be treated like you treat others.You have the up most respect for brilliance and often have dreams that you are famous,but maybe don't follow this through.On the down side, you can be a little self absorbed and tend too have a very sharp tongue-or say things at the total worst time-and then regret this and go over it in your mind a thousand times. Most people who are of this element,have had a very tough childhood,or have yearned to get the attention of one or both of their parents. Once you can learn to live and let live,your life becomes all the more simple. Must learn to sometimes throw caution ( & planning) to the wind! And take a risk every now and then!


Light some beautiful candles and it really doesn't matter about colour-but if you want to, some fiery colours are always helpful to connect. Again, chant or say your name 3 times,than ask the SALMANDERS that you wish to connect. Say The name Of The SALMANDER KING 3 times-if you cant remember just thinking of this is enough. Then say the overseeing Archangels Name MICHAEL 3 times.This calling of MICHAEL is extremely effective,and you will feel that you are starting to get awfully warm! Ask for help in areas of your life where you need more confidence,a healthier metabolism,a willingness too let go,or anything that you wish to increase as well as decrease-you may just want to ask for a feeling of complete and total balance, & this is always a good thing. Remember,that it a misconception too believe that you will hear a booming voice or see a fiery spirit appear in front of you! This is extremely rare! But the FEELING and subtle changes are what's important to notice! This feeling that washes over you,IS YOUR CONNECTION! This is true for all of the elements! Your slight change of thought and your new lease on life will prove that you have indeed connected.As you get more confident in noticing subtle changes,you will be able to just feel it come on without even needing to ask!


Pointer Sisters-JUMP
Richard Schulman- FROM ASISI



The Element Of ETHER Is ruled by CHRIST. This inhabits all of the Elements put together and is not overseen by anyone, however every living thing is part of this- especially the Angels and Archangels,who are working together too bring people into this realm especially through meditation, reconnecting and learning ancient knowledge.
When you connect with this Christ Energy, ( I'm not talking about religion here at all) you will feel as though you know everything & also know nothing. The best way to connect, apart from meditating and learning, is through music. When ever we have music playing or we ourselves play music,we are only concentrating on the music! It lifts us up to a meditative state of mind- ( especially music without words) & the ETHERS are where the Angels/Archangels ,Spirit Guides etc. reside-yes only a thought away,but imagine being in a heightened state of awareness, on a daily basis-without the use of alcohol, smokes, or marijuana, to get us there? This is what the Angels etc are trying to teach you-after all,any kind of addiction, is your way of filling up that which you think is missing-but once you discover that you can be do or have anything you want by accepting your CHRIST ENERGY-you find that you never really where missing anything at all-it was right there waiting for you to reconnect!

If your name has the Vowel (A) as prominent, you are in this realm and have a great responsibility. This means that you are easily connected to all the realms, which allows you to draw their energies and work with them very easily .However you do have the added responsibility,of helping others too learn to appreciate and work with the Elemental Kingdom. This should NEVER be a forced approach,because ,lets face it,its hard enough too understand ourselves sometimes as spiritual beings,let alone trying to explain it to a non believer! This is precisely why I write things for you-so you have the choice to learn what you like or disregard it and read what you want. Besides, the Elemental Kingdom are not interested in anyone who is not interested in them-simple as that!


If you fall into this category,you will have probably found that you have been misunderstood most of your life. You are generally very shy,reflective, deep thinking,have a different sense of humor or a complete loner. Many of you have learnt to play the game of life very well,and in a sense you "fake it till you make it" in other words, you may not actually get what people are saying for example,but will make out that you understand. Unfortunately,most of you who are in this Element,have been abused in different ways especially as a child, and some of you who,have not accepted who you are yet,have then gone to find yourselves a victim of domestic violence or pick hostile situations and feel as though, the drama and hurt is all you are worth. Its only when you truly develop a interest in the spiritual way of life,and decide that they are worth more,that your life turns a huge corner. Once this happens,you are a natural leader,and will find immense excitement at feeling like you have finally found a place to fit in! You have a deep sense of right and wrong and will go out of your way to be of help too others! You are natural Psychics and healers,and you will learn extremely quickly-although you may still think ugly thoughts about yourself for a time, but soon you start too blossom and all the pieces of life's jigsaw,fall into place for you! You will finally see where you fit in!!


This one is very simple-simply state, "I'm now one with the Universe and I thank you for allowing me to see this now!"
You can use any type of candles,incense or Crystals, but Clear Quartz is a definite must.This will raise your vibrations to the ETHERS and you will also have an alignment of all the energy centers in your body.


Any type of music that instills an elevated mood-even dance or hip-hop,to classical,rock n roll-or heavy metal-there are no judgments only personal preference,so I will leave the ideas up to you.


Fire With Fire

In Relationships, when these two Star Signs or Elements combine, it is very heated intense passion between the two. There is a tendency for bossiness with this with each wanting to be in charge! However if there is a mature approach then this can be a lovely arrangement.Both have similar tastes,have a love of reading and animals and both generally are very Spiritual or learn to be that way together. There is a caution of heated arguments,with both sulking in separate parts of the house,but generally a nice match-if it doesn't burn itself out before it begins!


Air With Air

In Relationships, when the two star signs or Elements of air come together, we find that there is a lot of talking and boasting about the place but not too much doing! The two come together and are attracted by each other however each believes there is something missing,but can't quite put a finger too it. Both have huge hearts and thereby will spend one others with sometimes not much left for themselves! These two can get along very well,if they learn to control their compulsive spending, and the need to be perfect in every way! Must avoid yelling at each other.

Water With Water

In Relationships,when the two star signs or Elements of water come together,we find the almost drowning of emotions between the two. Again if there is a mature approach,these two can get along quite well and there is a lot of passion between them-also a lot of wishing things were better! The two are always looking for that which they haven't got,and tend to feel as though,the 'Grass may Be Greener' this is also a combination of roaming-whereby both don't want too settle anywhere for two long,and find that they decide,after a time too just be friends. Much Chemistry will always be between them.


Earth With Earth

In Relationships, when the two star signs or elements of Earth come together, it will feel as if you have met an old friend-and indeed two Earth combinations,are generally a good match except that they can be competitive with each other and both tend to be rather stubborn,which can lead to a life or arguing if not careful. The Earth male likes to provide but unfortunately so does the Earth female,and this combination although so nice on many levels, can come boring for the two if not careful. Very good lovers but must learn to talk to each other without sounding like a know it all!!

Fire And Earth

In Relationships, when the two star signs or elements of Fire & Earth come together,it does seem to be such a nice balance.The passion of the fire sign and the grounded ness of the earth make this a very fun and fortunate combination. They must remember that they are not the only two people in the world, and they can tend to be a little selfish with their time together. They inspire each other and are generally very good parents also. Nice combination!

Fire And Air

In Relationships,when the fire sign and the Air sign meet,the two feel as though they will explode with excitement! They have a very great relationship and they just adore each other! Many people will wonder how they keep it all together,but they manage by talking things through and taking a sensible approach. The only trouble they may have is if the fiery person gets a little out of control with the spending or if the air person tends to spend time away too much. Otherwise,a really nice calm combination, as they understand each other well.

Fire And Water

In Relationships,when the two star signs or elements of fire and water combine, it is an intense combination. The emotional aspect of the water sign is sometimes hard work for the fire sign but generally,if they can work through the different aspects of each other,there is tremendous creativity between the two. They each have a love of nature and have great sympathy for those in need. Can be very passionate and extremely forgiving and this is a nice combination and very steamy also. The emotions of the water sign,can calm the fiery spirit and in so doing help to ease any tension between them. Good combination that usually lasts!

Earth And Air

In Relationships,when the two star signs or elements of earth and air combine,we find a very happy couple indeed! The air sign helps to keep the relationship fun and exciting and the earth sign keeps both pairs of feet on the ground. They both tend too compliment each aspect of each other and keep intensity alive between them. Making good stable parents and hard workers,the joining of these two will always have the good things in life. The only real obstacle will be the stubbornness of the earth sign and the head in the clouds attitude of air. but generally a good balance with lots of fun and laughter to be had!

Air And Water

In Relationships,when the star signs or elements of Air & Water combine,it can be a little tricky between them.They at first are swept away in the romance of the whole thing,and don't see the problems that may arise from the over sensitivity of the water and to the air sign it seems over the top. The intellectual pursuits of the air sign,can sometimes annoy the water aspect who likes to keep in a romantic and dreamy state,and when things gets serious it can often be too much for them both to deal with. Often the two end up not understanding each other which can lead too arguments and misunderstanding. Can work out between them if they are sensible about life.



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