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Tarot Study-Part 2

Welcome Everybody!

Devine Miracles- Tarot Study Part 2

Choosing Significators

You may already be aware of the process of having a “Significator” card for your reading. This is a very important step that is often overlooked and can give you so much extra advice on the reading before it even begins.

A Significator, is a card from the deck that “ Represents” who the reading is for.
Now this can be done in 2 main ways.

It can be found by, birth date, star sign & sex of the client- or by the person’s own personality.
For instance my friend is a Gemini female (Queen of Swords) but her personality, is that of a Queen of Cups-loving, nurturing and kind.

First we will look at the traditional way of finding a “Significator”

So first pull out all the “Court” cards of the pack.
These are the Pages, Knights, Queens & Kings of the pack.
Put them each in their corresponding suit- Wands, Cups, Swords & Coins.

Pages, are generally younger people-under the age of 25, and can be of either sex although many people call them females, but I will give you another version in a moment.

Knights are young men-usually a teenager up to 25 years old.

Queens are mothers or females older than 25.

Kings are fathers or males older than 25.

So you can arrange your cards into these groups and the 4 groups represent star signs.

Wands are fire Signs Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Cups Are Water Signs- Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

Swords Are Air Signs- Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Coins (Pentacles) Are Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo Capricorn.

So whenever you are performing a reading for someone you ask for their birth date in order to find the correct Significator for them. Also you will want to be sure that they are over 18 years old, because too many things can change before this time, however some parents allow others to read for their children in certain circumstances-this is personal choice.

Personality Cards

As I explained earlier, the other way to work out a ”Significator” is to work with the person’s personality.
So we will explore this a bit now.


Suit of Wands:


Usually Brown/ Blonde hair with any colour eyes. Gray or white haired for older individuals.
Also in the event of timing,the wands are considered 'weeks' but only if this is done in a 'Celtic Cross' spread,and is the last card in the spread of 10 cards-you always work backwards for the timing.

Page Of Wands Personality:

Mischievous, funny, smart, creative, talkative. Generally a young male child.

Knight of Wands Personality:

Restless, Cheeky, Always Moving, Great Drawer/ Writer. Generally a teenage male,or a young male without children.

Queen of Wands Personality:

Motherly, Helpful, Business Smarts, Writer, Very Intelligent, Spiritual. Generally an older female, or a mother.

King Of Wands Personality:

Fatherly, Loyal, Business Smarts, Designer, Honest, Spiritual. Generally an older male, or father.


Suits Of Cups:


Usually Fairer hair or Gray hair for older individuals. Red or blonde also.In the event of timing,the cups will refer to 'days' but only if the card is accompanied by a coin/pentacle, and also only in a "Celtic Cross" spread.

Page Of cups Personality:

Empathetic, loves animals, outsider or loner, loves water. Generally a young female child.

Knight Of Cups Personality:

Daydreamer, changeable, emotionally immature. Generally a young teenage male.

Queen Of Cups Personality:

Nurturing, Patient, Kind, Loving, Generous. Generally an older lady or mother.

King Of Cups Personality:

Thinker, Feeler, Romantic, Intuitive, Forthright, Generous. Generally an older male or father.

Suit of Coins (Pentacles):

Usually dark to very dark hair or white for older individuals. Dark eyes are also very common.In the event of timing,a coin/pentacles represents years-depending on the number that is on the card-eg 10 coins=10 years.

Page Of Coins Personality:

Very sporty, likes to buy new clothes, quite intelligent, good at math’s/ science. Generally a young female child.

Knight Of Coins Personality:

Likes to be in the spotlight, good actor/ director, likes to be healthy. Generally a young teenage male.

Queen Of Coins Personality:

Diplomatic, serious, likes to keep fit, great organizer. Generally a mother or a lady over the age of 25.

King Of Coins Personality:

The Bank manager, Accountant, Likes to handle cash, ardent lover. Generally an older male or father.


Suit Of Swords:


Usually has dark hair - any colour eyes.In the event of timing,swords represent months,but only in a celtic cross spread.

Page of Swords Personality:

Gossip, temperamental, Cheeky, busy. Generally a young male child.

Knight Of Swords Personality:

Fast thinker, fast driver, fast everything. Speeds up the entire reading, Generally a dark haired teenager.

Queen Of Swords Personality:

A loner, usually divorced, can be cold hearted, bossy. Generally a woman aged 25 or older or a mother.

King Of Swords Personality:

Professional, law or responsibility of great importance, hard working. Generally an older man over 25 or a father.

So now you will have a general idea of what card to choose for your client.
Now we will test this out with a quick yes & No reading for you to practice with

Yes or No Spread

All right so we are ready to try a quick reading. I will teach you how I do this to get the most accurate answers, generally most books about the subject will tell you the same but this really works.

Step 1: Close your eyes, and ask for you Guardian Angel & Archangel Michael to be with you and for your Psychic vision to be open. This will ensure you are protected and that you will receive added foresight with any of your readings. This will always be step 1.

Step 2: Find your “Significator” with the above method.

Step 3: Before you begin to shuffle, have questions in mind that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Yes being Positive. No being negative.

Step 4: Pick up your cards, with the question in mind and your significator looking at you. Start to slowly Shuffle whilst concentrating on the question.

For example, You ask the question in your mind to the cards whilst your shuffling. But don’t shuffle furiously! Just gentle shuffle and when you are done-you will know when, lay out the first three cards.

Step 5:

You will now have your Significator and 3 cards in a row left to right underneath it.

Cups & Coins = Yes, or positive

Wands & Swords = No, or negative.

Major Arcana = No significance- this only works with the numbered Minor Arcana.

If you have 3 cards of the same suit its very powerful. If you have 3 different suits, the first one that you chose is correct.
So basically, it’s the best out of three. This is great to test on your friends about just about anything!
If you can’t get a clear answer or your just not sure, then you will do best to try a different question and come back to it. Sometimes it means “maybe” or the answer lies in the future.

For example for Mary, I laid out a Queen Of Cups As a Significator, and she asked “ Will I Marry Tom”
I shuffled the deck and got “ 2 Coins, 2 Swords, Ace Cups” So my answer would be YES.
However if I had gotten – “The Tower, The Hanged Man, Death” Even being Major Arcana, it does look to me like a huge NO…so see how you go with the process-it’s good to ask things that are already relevant to see how it works for you.

Its also important to take the first answers that you get-or you will always second guess yourself and start to doubt your ability.
Do not be 'frivolous" with the cards-in other words, put a clear question in your mind,center yourself and take it seriously,before you begin.
If you are foggy in your mind or are thinking of a thousand other things,put your cards down and come back to it-your cards will ALWAYS reflect your intention and even your own thoughts sometimes. To have the best reading,you should always have a positive mind set.


Part 3 We will look at certain card combinations and different spreads!

With Blessings,


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