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Tarot Study-Part 1

Welcome Everybody!

Devine Miracles- Tarot Study

This article is designed as a personal study of the Tarot.
Although I will not give all card definitions, I will help you to get started with some simple tricks!
You can find card meanings just about anywhere,but to tell you the truth,the card will never 'mean' the same thing twice! So it is best to start a book of your own,with the name of each card on the page,and write your first thoughts as you look at the card-more about this coming up!

You will need to decide that you really want to learn how to give the best readings you can without sounding like you are dictating from a book ! So the best way to learn the cards, is to come up with your own meanings.

Many of you have expressed an interest in learning the Tarot. I began my spiritual journey through the Tarot when I was 15 and have studied it ever since-some 20 years now.
I was going to make this into an e-book,but decided to give you this information for free.

Many people have wanted to have Tarot readings with me and I did find the Tarot, to be negative at times-in the beginning, due to the fact that, I could see in the cards when misfortune was going to take place, & this made me uncomfortable.

Because I did not want to upset anybody, I pulled away from the Tarot, and concentrated on other forms of divination-Like Angel cards-which were all positive, pendulum-for yes and no answers, and dialoguing with Angels through writing, to name a few.

For me, I receive answers to my questions in this way the easiest and really I don't look at the cards for myself very often- because the process doesn't’t work very well.
As you are all Psychics, you will find it very hard to read for yourself-because you may doubt yourself & confuse your answers. So although many can and do read for themselves, I do feel it’s best a process too help others.

With this knowledge comes responsibility and you will need to work out the best way for you to read the cards, & deliver the right messages.

In my case, I had put my Tarot away for some time, but while talking to Archangel Michael one day, he told me that I could make the Tarot into a positive experience, & it would help me with my clairvoyant vision & timing of events.

I can still see the drama unfold for others, but I’m able to better help them with this, giving ways to prepare or resolve the issue. So when performing readings, you must ask for angelic assistance along the way, for best results.

Each time you are with your cards or learning with your cards, you should have a special area set up to write and call on your Angels for the session. The more positive energy you are asking for, obviously the better the reading.
You want to develop a strong relationship with the “hidden” meanings in the cards, because you will find that, if you start to read for others, you will come across more than one person who knows the Tarot themselves, and will be able to tell if you are 'dictating' or not.

Choosing The Right Deck

The best place to start will always be with your deck.
There is no point in using traditional decks if you don’t resonate with the symbology on them.
I won’t make a list here of all the decks, but certainly, this choosing will be the most important part of your learning experience.

I have many decks myself, but always go back to my very first set, which I use for almost all of my Tarot readings- “The Mythic Tarot”
The reason for this is I intuitively know exactly what each card means for me, although when I first looked at them, at 15, I was terrified of some of the images.

You may find that certain cards scare you- like the “Death” card, 9 of Swords, and 10 of Swords, The Tower, The Hanged Man, and The Devil for instance.
Through this study, you will find they are not at all what you first may think-but can be worrisome in certain combinations.
(I will explain this in more detail in further parts)

So choose a deck that stands out for you, and one that you will feel comfortable using, all the time.
Sometimes the deck will “choose” you, and in this case, even if your not sure why, you will find it best to accept it and you will have better readings this way.


Consecrate the Cards

When you have decided what deck you will be using you have certainly come a long way.
This deck will now become a part of your life so you need to make it more of a personal experience for you and you will need to clear as well as “energize” the deck especially for you.

A quick word- sometimes you may be “given” a deck through a friend.

(Which is precisely what happened for me) In this case it is absolutely imperative that you are clearing the cards from any trace of this person.

The reason being, is there will be “imprints” left and psychic “fingerprints” on the cards as well as energies from that person, or whoever else has touched them, so indeed you will need to really make them your own.

So, take each card one by one, have a good look at every detail of the card, take your hand and hold it just above the card.

You may feel intense energy or warmth when you do this. Close your eyes and say “Archangels, please clear this card and make it mine”

Once you have done this, (which is instant), hold it against your heart and with your eyes closed, feel the card and allow the love from your heart to flow to it.

You will need to do this with each card one by one, but as you are doing this process, you will actually be getting to know the card, and starting to feel like you are learning just by doing this.

When you have finished, put them all together in a pile, and place your hand over the top of them again..You should notice that the energy has changed and that they have become yours now.

Take a clear quartz crystal and place it on top of the cards, to further “charge” them with your energy. This should be a crystal that you have held in your hand before, so it emits your energy and transfers this to the cards.

If you really are serious about your study, then don’t skip this or any of the parts, or you are just cheating yourself.

Your intention to learn is what will make it so, and even if you are already using cards and are familiar with them, it doesn't’t hurt to do this process once a week to strengthen the cards and also, perhaps, give you a new way of looking at each one.

*Take Note*These are your personal cards. Some people choose to put them in special bags or boxes-I have mine wrapped up in a silk cloth with a crystal on top-but certainly don’t let people touch them without your permission, and readings are better performed if you are the only one who touches the cards and ask the questions to them

Major & Minor Arcana

You will need to know which is which for certain readings & extra guidance.
I will outline the Major Arcana here and the Minor is every other card in the deck.

The Major Arcana does not belong to any suit like the Minor Arcana and some say that the Major Arcana predict major events that happen with fate, or is predestined, and the Minor Arcana show things that you can control and give timing to the reading.

Take out your note book and make a page for each one of these.It is traditionally set as a story of growth within an individual.

So for instance, the FOOL card,is always an indication of a starting point, and a need to take a risk and leap into the unknown.
So wherever he is seen in a reading,shows the place where a new journey will begin. Some have it at the beginning of the reading,some towards the end-meaning this person has alot of work to do to have the confidence to push forward in life.

The Magician, is the Fool only a little wiser now. Also may indicate a need to believe in the unseen forces at hand etc. As we can see him pointing up and down at the same time, he does need to find balance -not too rooted in the present or looking too far into the future. (These are very basic clues here as to how to interpret the card)

The High Priestess, is sometimes thought of as a young virgin,or a scholar.Also someone on the cusp of finding out secrets-so this is a card of revelation to a degree. It is important when you are looking at a card that you don't just look at the person on it-look at the detail of the surroundings for example,the pillars,the dress,the scroll,the moon etc. The more you look at a card,the deeper the meaning will jump out. Write this all down,even how you feel when you look at it.

The Empress, definitely a woman-can indicate pregnancy in some cases,when there are other cards to back this up,but generally abundance,wisdom and good spirits are indicated.Look again at the place where she sits...what do you think her personality would be like?

The Emperor,definitely a male influence-father is indicated,or a person who demands respect. Can be a boss,manager or someone you don't want to upset in a hurry!Look at the expression on the face-you may know someone like this already! What do you think he wants to tell you?

The Heirophant (Pope), a man of the cloth traditionally,but to me it is talking of inner enlightenment,and also a place of importance or worship.Can also indicate a marriage taking place or is about to. It is a positive card,and asks you to look within for answers. What message does he share with you today?

The lovers, means exactly what it says in most cases,but does also have relevance to choices-maybe between 2 people or even things.
Also talks about your relationship with yourself-even your 'higher self'. Do you truly love who you are? Can show a need for improvement with this.

The Chariot, obviously talking about travel and modes of transport as well. Can also indicate that you have been pulled in different directions mentally. But also look again at the scenery and also who is driving the chariot. What sort of journey are you going on?

Strength,we see the sign of 'infinity' above the head,which shows that we are eternal and never truly die. There is also the indication of the lion and the lady is not at all frightened of this-in fact she is calming the lion-so to me one thing about this card is the strength to overcome even when the odds may seem against us. What are you trying to 'tame' in your life?

The Hermit,is a spiritual person and also a time of aloneness-not necessarily loneliness at all! But a need for deep inner reflection,peace and quiet. It is like taking a retreat and coming back to the world with a new sense of life and greater knowledge. Do you need to take time out and think about things logically?

The Wheel of fortune, yes the game of life,and some say that it indicates an increase in fortune,but more it means that you are going into a new phase. One which will have both challenges and triumphs. Do you feel that you have good luck or bad luck?

Justice, again talking of formal places and situations,but generally this indicates that Justice will be served! May indicate a time in court or a legal document coming to your home. I always see this as the police, and depending on the surrounding cards, can indicate a good or bad confrontation with one! Are you being totally honest?Do you drive too fast?

The Hanged Man, one of the scary ones for some people. It is a card of sacrifices made for the good of others-but this could be wearing you out. Also 'hanging in the balance' or waiting patiently for a situation to change. Do you so too much for others and then resent this? Time to re-evaluate your intentions.

Death,another spooky one.Very rarely means an actual death has occurred,although along with other cards it can indicate this. However,it is usually a natural occurrence and the person may have been ready to go. But this card is generally a meaning of a total and utter ending in your life,which brings the new day and a new life in its wake. Again the card shows the sun coming up in the horizon What needs to 'end' in your life?

Temperance,is generally about balance and harmony. Either you want this or it is about to happen. We see an Angel in this card,so to me this is an indication that you are being kept safe and you should try to talk with your Angels. Peace restored in your life after troubled times. Do you always think the worst?Time to re-evaluate to a more positive attitude.

The Devil, not a nice looking card at all,but this has always been a card of mystery. When I see the Devil and all other cards are positive, it actually means that there will be some spice in the love life! haha...but also this does speak of jealousy,and possibility of a 3 way love triangle. This can indicate a person who wants more sexually or needs to release some deep dark thoughts. Use your own imagination in a reading,does not always indicate a cheating spouse! What deep secrets do you need to release?

The Tower, definitely a shake up will occur .I have seen this card when something is going to happen within a household-not necessarily a house falling down,just that there needs to be some changes made and if you are only in a relationship because of obligation,then this may be a 'shake up' for you. It is always wise to remember even when there are events that shock us in life,there is always hidden blessings in this. Sometimes things need a good shake in order for things to change. Are you really happy in that home of yours or do you need to move on?

The Star, this is wonderful to see this card.Even if there has been worry or strife,there are things to look forward too! This card reminds you also to drink more water,as we can see she is gathering water in this card.Also in other cards,it talks about opening a treasure chest-so maybe there is more wealth and support around then you think! Do you wish on a star and believe it will come true?Or are you negative and doubtful all the time?

The Moon, is always about things coming to the light. See the lobster in this card coming out of the water-so the unseen about your life becomes noticeable. Generally a card of nothing is as it seems,and does warrant caution in trusting someone who is close to you. Of course it talks of the moon and therefore can indicate cycles of life and to start to become aware of your life cycle. Some say that this also indicates 'lunacy' and so trust your instincts if you don't like someone's behavior. Can indicate deception,so be on guard. Do you follow your instincts or just ignore this?

The Sun,is an indication again of marriage,happiness peace and support,and also talks of moving home or at the very least moving environment or work even. Again look at the card and who is in it and what this intuitively means to you. Do you get enough sunshine in your life?

Judgment, this is always a card to me of decisions to be made that are important for your growth. It can also indicate that things are happening very quickly around you now so be on the lookout for answers to your questions. These are very important decisions that can effect the rest of your life. What do you need to do in order to achieve happiness?

The World,yes the final card in the Major Arcana,and also a card of something completed in your life .Things have come full circle and you should be experiencing much happiness now. It also can indicate overseas news,or even a trip overseas that will be to your advantage. I also see this card when I have alot of work to do on the internet-so yes,friends keeping in contact from afar is another indication.Also don't think you are less important in the world than anyone else-rise above the fear off failing,because you are way smarter than you could ever imagine! Do you wish to travel-see the world? Believe it and manifest your desired outcomes in your life.



The Major Arcana


Part 2 will explain the Significators and ways to do some quick readings!

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