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Messages From Michael,The Archangel

Welcome everyone!

I have decided to seek once again, the guidance of dear Archangel Michael, in answer to some questions that I have myself, asked, as well as many others have asked me too share...

Here is part one, from Archangel Michael in response to the question:

"Why do I always, think back on my mistakes, feeling bad about them?"

"Dear children of light,

If you are reading this today, then indeed,you are in need of deep healing.

Take a moment,before reading further, & take a huge deep breath.
Breathe deeply,relax, & allow your body,mind and soul, to hear this message in tandem.

Now, so many of you are unnecessarily, hard on yourself, and your so called "mistakes".
Although we angels understand your feelings,we wish you to know, that nothing is ever a mistake-never ever!

There are only ever signposts, and reminders, in anything that you feel that you have done "wrong".These are not always apparent straight away, but as you have seen, it always makes sense to you, later on down the path of life.

It was part of your life plan, to "experience" can you "experience" if everything that you do, is perfect in your eyes??What did you ever learn, from everything being easy ?

Let me put it this way, even if you did no wrong,whatsoever in your life, there will always be someone who feels that you everyone is "experiencing" what they need too, in their life, so later this can be reflected on, and learnt from..

What you feel are "mistakes" are not.
No matter what! Yourself, and others benefited from the situation, one way or another.

If you worry, that you have hurt another or caused another pain, you are judging the situation, & making it more agonizing, then it needs to be.

This is repetition in your brain-repeating the incident (s) over and over again-each time you look back at it, you see it a little differently ...perhaps feeling worse and worse about this, also.

However, the more you strain and stress about mistakes of the past, you are remaining blocked from moving forward, and the peace of mind that you are craving.

The mistakes of the past, is also one of the reasons why many of you, suffer from "depression" because your mind is holding onto old events, and feelings, instead of embracing them as experience in this life, letting go, and moving forward fearlessly!

How do you know , what others have written into their lives?
How do you know, that you might have been the very person, to wake them up, to their true potentials?

Why not, instead,"clear" and "delete" those negative worrisome thoughts from your mind?

Sending healing to the past situation, from your heart! This is your divine right! Your gift from God almighty, (or whoever you call the source of all)

Just keep on repeating;
"I now send love to any mistakes, I feel I have made ...I now ask, that love replace the emotion of guilt-in ALL directions of time.."In a sense, you now, can heal yourself in the past, helping too make the situation easier in your mind, and in your life.

When you make these statements,you are healing everyone, and everything involved....If the feeling comes back to you, just repeat!

Start caring for yourself & be gentle with yourself ...through this,you will find strength & the purpose that you are longing for!

We Angels can help you , but it will always take effort and intention of your part to begin with...

There are NO mistakes-period!

Everyone is forgiven, and everyone is equally loved...

Use positive words to describe every negative situation, and you will become stronger and more balanced, and also clear in your own direction, then ever before!

Remember, that we Angels are messengers too humanity, from the source of all (God) it is our duty, to help those of you who ask for it, and are ready too move forward in your spiritual paths.

To us, you are all perfect, and wonderfully made, but it is up to you, to stop the cycle of self harm, that stems from negative thoughts and emotions about your self, and any "mistakes" you feel you have made..

Stop judging yourself harshly, and awaken to the fact that you have always done what you needed too at the time-even if it seems "wrong" too yourself or others...

Place yourself in a cloak of mirrors, that will deflect negativity, from whence it came from-but instead, imagine that your cloak of mirrors, is painted with the pink light of love-this way, any negativity directed at you, will indeed, be deflected back, from where it came,with love ...instead of adding negativity, to a perhaps already angry situation...

I and millions of legions of Angels, are here for you, when you need it-just ask!!When you are in the habit of asking for assistance, and writing down your thoughts, everything will begin to get easier for you, too understand, and you will have the added benefit, of hearing and receiving angel messages for yourself!

Blessings and love always,


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