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Haniel Angel Of December-2017


Is traditionally speaking, a member of the "Archangel'' choir in angelic hierarchy..
His colour is pink and green. Any crystals or candles in this colour will connect.

His crystals include: Garnet,Ruby,Pink Tourmaline, Agate & The Quartz Family.

You may also like to work with Essential Oils- here are some of the oils that help you connect with Haniel;
Cyprus,Magnolia and Myrrh .

Remember that your INTENTION to connect & give thanks is all that is required.

Haniel works with the energy of love,joy and soul connections. The key words for this month are;
*Heart Clearing* Love* Knowledge* Healing Releasing*Connections* Relationships.

You can read more about this here:

Here are some lucky numbers, he has given , for you to try:9,12,21,33,19,5,42,6,15
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Name :Lisa

BDevine, I came to one of your seminars, and it was the best experience I have ever had! I walked in with no contact with the Angels, and walked out having connected and able to do it for the first time ever!
What an amazing speaker you are, and such a joy to be around! Don't look any further everyone, she is the best! Thank you!

Name: Phillip

I am so glad I found a genuine spiritual guide, who shows you exactly how you can receive answers for yourself! Do yourself a favor, and connect with her for a reading! Mind blowing!


Name: Michelle

Thank you BDevine, you helped me at a time in my life when I had so much loss and grief to deal with, and without giving you a cent, you checked in on me and helped me through such a hard time .I can't thank you enough! Love you!


Name: Jason

Always am amazed at the information and genuine energy you are able to bring through. Please don't stop what you are doing!











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