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Solar Quartz Pendant - Sterling Silver

Solar Quartz Pendant - Sterling Silver
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Natural Solar Quartz Pendant-Sterling Silver!

Beautiful Pendant, Very Unique!

The solar quartz is a colorful gemstone that shows of its shiny and glossy gape. It is used to festoon the jewelry frame and is also worn for many healing purposes. It looks awesome when worn with toning dresses and hairstyles. Here, you will know some significant particulars about this gemstone.

The solar quartz is sliced from the stalactites in the clear grey or white hue with some mossy inclusions. It is an agatized quartz. The solar quartz enhances the energy and connects the person to the harmony and spirit.

The solar quartz attracts the emotional power and uplifts the owner with great energy and power. It is well composed of all the properties of the clear quartz and is also protective gemstone that purifies the physical, mental and spiritual levels. It is used to communicate with the spirits or the higher realms. This gemstone is connected with the Crown Chakra and also performs the good job for the other chakras.

Color of Solar Quartz

The solar quartz comes in various vibrant and glowing colors. It does not possess the electric coloring. Naturally, this gemstone is colorless. When you will see at the center of this stone then you will notice some transparent mossy shapes.

Healing Powers of Solar Quartz

There are various healing powers of this gemstone. It connects with the spirit and provides the strength and clarity. It amplifies the healing power and sends it. It simulates the natural crystals in the tissues of the body of the wearer and in the fluids so that the vibrations may take place at a new and advanced healing frequency.

When you will hold this gemstone then you will feel like you are drawing towards the mid-point of your physical being. Once it reaches at the center, you will experience a worm hole that will open to connect you to the central sun.

Most of the people really believe that the solar quartz is the link between the dimension of their mind and the physical aspect. You may use this gemstone to converse with the animals, plants and minerals.

The wearer who is particular about wearing any specific gemstone should collect the unique and important facts about that stone. He may harmonize his requirements with the powers of that charm. If all of them get matched, then he may choose that talisman to put it on. The charms make our life easier by finding new way towards the goals and success of the life.


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